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FOCUS Diagnostics – with one of the most modern 3T MRI High End Diagnostics in Innsbruck.

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Thank you for your interest in our private practice. The following services are very important for us and our team:

We offer our patients fast appointments with short waiting times and discuss with you personally your images and findings in an dedicated meeting.

We discuss your diagnostic findings with clinical specialists; either according to your desire or selected from our specialist network.

In addition, we are pleased to review and re-evaluate existing external examinations and findings to give you a „second opinion“.

To ensure high-quality diagnostics, we distinguish ourselves through our high level of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

We discuss difficult diagnoses in the team,which allows us to give you a second opinion option. In particularly complex cases, we rely on a team of qualified expertsworking at university hospitals in Switzerland and Austria. this refers to all clinical assessment in the field of neuroradiology, interventional radiology, orthopedic radiology and uroradiology.

We would appreciate if you take some time to look to our homepage and our services. For detailed questions, we are always personally available for you. For detailed questions, we are always personally available for you.

We are pleased to support you if your need help for you health.

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High End 3 Tesla MRI
in Innsbruck

In Innsbruck we operate one of the most modern 3 Tesla MRI in Europe (Siemens Vida with full equipment).

Reimbursement of costs through supplementary outpatient and accident insurance.

Magnetic resonance imaging, abbreviated MRI or MR, is an imaging technique used primarily in medical diagnostics to represent the structure and function of tissue and organs.

With MRI cross- section images of the human body are generated, which allow the assessment of the organs and of many pathological changes of the organs.

MRI does not expose the body to radiation.

Advantages 3T MR

For diagnostic imaging, MR systems are available with different magnetic field strengths, indicated in Tesla (T).

Due to the very high magnetic field strength, 3T systems can be used to produce images with highest resolution, so that details can be clearly identified and more precise diagnoses can be done. In addition the measuring times and thus the examination times can be shortened.


High patient comfort

With the wide gantry of 70 cm and the brand new patient entertainment system (first installation worldwide!), our MRI system offers the feeling of a spacy envirement. This also allows most patients with claustrophobia to be examined without premedication.

Improved image quality

Due to the high magnetic field strength (3T), cross-section images are generated with significantly higher resolution (more details); and that with short measuring times.

Short waiting times

We offer fast appointments with short waiting times in our practice. We offer fast appointments with short waiting times in our practice. Examination appointments can also be arranged outside our opening hours.

Parking place

Parking spaces are available in our underground car park.

Our services

MR Standard examinations

Diagnostics for skulls (including diffusion imaging), spine, the entire skeletal system, all joints.

MR special examinations

Special diagnostics for neck organs, thorax, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and pelvic organs, with and without contrast agent.

MR mammography

Special diagnostics to clarify suspicious previous findings or as a check-up examination.

Prostate MR

Special diagnostics (multiparametric MRI) to clarify conspicuous previous findings or as a check-up examination.

MR angiography (vascular diagnostics)

Special diagnostics for all vascular regions of the body.

MR arthrography

Special joint diagnostics with intra-articularly administered contrast agent.


Special heart diagnostics including measurement of ventricular function and late enhancement.


Special diagnostics (MR-Cholangiopancreaticography) to clarify the bile ducts and the pancreatic duct.

MR urography

Special diagnostics to clarify the urinary tract.

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